Why a video production company could be your most valuable hire in 2022.

Growing a brand in a competitive market requires a good amount of hustle, trust us 🥵. However, you can make that job much easier with a few critical growth hacks.

For example, did you know that brands that include video in their content strategies grow revenue 50% faster than those that don’t? Suppose growth is a key objective for your business in 2022. If so, hiring the right video production company might be the fast track you’re looking for.

Three reasons professional video production matters to growth businesses.

Was that growth stat not enough to convince you that video production is key to taking your business from zero to one? Well, there are plenty of other reasons to consider beefing up your content strategy next year.

Video marketing is an incredibly flexible strategy for advertising products or services to customers and engaging audiences on social media. With so many brands fighting for attention, video is a way to get ahead of the competition. Think about it, when was the last time you paid attention to a brand that wasn’t using video?

Reason 1: Your customers love videos.

The simple fact is that people love watching videos. Notably, a recent stat highlights how YouTube has become one of the most popular websites on the internet, with daily viewership clocking 1 billion hours. 

Furthermore, even the mention of video can drive engagement with your audience. For example, just mentioning the word ‘video’ in your email subject increases click-through rates by as much as 200-300%.

Reason 2: Video seriously boosts conversion rates.

Recent HubSpot research shows that adding videos to your product pages can increase conversions by 144%. For example, these can be explainers, detail shots, or lifestyle features. An example we worked on with our client, Beefeater, shows how its gin could be mixed into cocktails, inspiring customers to try its product in new ways.

Whatever you do, ensure you’re entertaining your audience. Add value to the information that already exists about your brand, product or service.

Reason 3: Moving content gets you noticed.

It’s no secret that video gets noticed above almost all mediums. After all, as we’ve shown, it’s what people want to see. If you give your customers what they want, it will pay dividends for your brand’s online presence. When you make information about your product and services as sharable as possible, people will be more likely to engage and share.

Video drives performance on social media and with your advertising:

  • Instagram users interact with video content more than any other on the platform.
  • Videos on Twitter drive 10x more engagements.
  • People are 20x more likely to share LinkedIn posts that include videos.
  • Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to purchase products they’ve seen in a video.
Ensure you have adequate insight when you create a content strategy

How can a video production company help your business?

Improve your brand communications.

As we’ve outlined above, if you aren’t using video to speak to your customers, then you are seriously missing a trick. Video has become the default method of communication, and your customer is demanding it. Start speaking to them in a way that will make them listen to your message. Any video production partner worth their salt will be able to tap into your audience insights and help produce video content that engages and speaks to those individuals.

How can you measure that success? Simple. Your engagements will increase, customers will be more interested in what you have to say, and ultimately, you’ll see your brand beginning to convert more.

Develop more assets for your marketing teams to work with.

Chances are, your marketing teams are constantly crying out for content. Who can blame them? Social media has fuelled an insatiable appetite for content that we’ve never witnessed before. What your customer sees today is often forgotten tomorrow. So what’s the best way around the issue? Develop a content plan that tells stories over time, keeping your audience focused on your message for a longer period. Nail this, then your message will stick, and your brand will firmly seat itself within your audience’s consideration set.

Help engage additional customers.

The benefit of additional traction among your existing audience is an uplift in word of mouth and the network effect of your advocates. Working with a video production partner to tell your brand story through engaging video will help you reach new audiences that will be excited by your content and encouraged to interact with you on the recommendation of those close to them.

Drive more sales.

All of these benefits culminate in one thing. More sales. Great video production partners can walk you through the process of strategy, targeting, messaging and delivery – ultimately delivering a suite of powerful assets that your business can leverage to reach more people, get them excited about what you offer, and get them on board.

Diversity your channel distribution when you create a content strategy

How to find the perfect video production partner for your brand?

Choosing the right video production partner is pretty key. After all, there is a lot that a creative partner needs to get right for your brand. For example, suppose you already have a clearly defined visual style. In that case, you’ll want to ensure your partner can shoot content that aligns with that style. Similarly, if you are looking to define a style, you need to trust in the creative competency of the team you bring in.

Ultimately, when selecting a new creative partner, we would always recommend finding someone that gets your mission and works well with your team. We always think someone that can challenge you creatively is a strong selling point too. After all, pushing to create something a bit different is always going to attract more attention.

Invest in video production when you create a content strategy.

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