No Need For Speed

Between the Scenes

We had a morning shoot at Goodwood Motor Circuit. Once we'd wrapped, we had an empty track, a MINI John Cooper Works, a driver, shout out to Charlie Cooper and an hour spare. So we thought we'd have a play!!

We wanted to give you 3 simple tips on how to get fast action shots, without having to go fast?

Camera Shake

Camera shake is an obvious but effective way to emphasise action, making the subject feel like it’s moving quicker. 

This can be added in post, but we like to keep it in-camera as much as possible.

You don’t need to go crazy, but keeping that camera moving the whole time, doesn’t give the viewer a chance to rest and focus. Making the whole sequence feel more intense. 

JCW Mini at Goodwood in rain

Time Remapping

You might want to speed up your clips, we’d suggest somewhere between 125-200%.

Be careful though, as some characteristics of the car are very easy to notice if they’ve been sped up. So have a play around and see what you can get away with!

JCW Mini Goodwood

Sound Design

Good sound is as important as good footage. It can definitely make or break a clip. 

Here’s a nice simple basic audio recording checklist:

  • Engine noises – idling, accelerating, gear changes.
  • Microphone placements: Exhaust, engine bay, interior. (Just make sure you’re monitoring these, as the sound can clip really easily.
  • Location ambience. Make sure you get loads of that lovely background noise, so it feels nice and authentic for the viewer. 

Quick Cut

Here’s a quick cut we put together. 

Play Video
Play Video

Go have a play

The best thing to do, is to go out and have a play. We don’t always have an empty Goodwood track to practice on.

So get your friends cars, bikes and skateboards and go and have some fun!