Define a winning brand content strategy in 2021.

How do you define a brand content strategy when the world has turned upside down?

Take a look out of your window today, and you’re met with an odd picture. Chance encounters on the high-street, coffee with friends, that business meeting you’ve worked hard to prep for – prospects set to become distant memories, once again.

With this uncertainty, often comes the defensive play. After all, it’s comfortable, right? And comfort brings a sense of certainty – something of a rare commodity nowadays. If you are running a business, however, the safe play can leave you lagging. When times get tough, laggards often find themselves facing the possibility of getting cut. An unthinkable prospect with everything else going on in the world right now.

Now more than ever, our communities are reliant on us to turn up and be on our A-game. It is not just our colleagues, families and neighbours that need support, but everyone across the reaches of our networks. Looking to the year ahead for its opportunities, rather than its threats, can help us focus on the areas we need to double-down and gun for growth.

The role of communication becomes vital. Not the broadcast, ‘look at me’ kind, but an approach that speaks to the people you influence on a level. The kind that says, we are here, we are listening.

After all, companies that nail their brand content strategies now are the ones that strengthen their audience, building lasting relationships. These kinds of relationships will form the bread and butter of your business over the coming years.

So how do you use brand content strategy to build the right kind of audience?

For us, the key element we touched upon is the ability to listen. Developing an authentic understanding of what your customers are facing right now is crucial. Important enough, that we have changed our own business to better achieve that connection. To us, the foundation of any valuable conversation is built upon understanding. So we’ve developed a new approach to creating content. A method that founded upon a rigorous understanding of who it is we’re speaking to, and what it is they want or need to hear. 

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We believe that as custodians of brand stories, it’s critical to ensure you strike the right message, telling it in a way that lands.

The magic, for us, lies in the transformative power of the right story, told at the right time. In times like these, we could all use a little magic to brighten our day!

So that’s the challenge. Thinking about the next few months, and 2021’s seemingly rapid approach, think about revisiting what it is you know about the people you speak to regularly. How has their world changed? What is it you can say to them that will deepen the connection you have with them, and foster a stronger relationship?

These are the connections that will see you through testing times and well clear of that ‘laggards bench’.

If you are still thinking about your brand content strategy for the coming months, this is where we would advise you to spend some time thinking:

  • Who is your customer, and what does their world look like?
  • What are they thinking about today that they were not yesterday?
  • Is there anything you can say to them that will enhance their day-to-day? Or is it best you kept quiet?
  • What medium is grabbing their attention right now?
  • How are you going to strengthen your relationships across your sphere of influence?

Need guidance in asking these questions? We can help!

If you need a little guidance in asking these questions, we can help. Our new strategy offer is designed to assist in the positioning of branded content. Shaping it in a way that makes sense, and capturing the magic of the right story, told at the perfect time.

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