3 Simple Tips to Maintain Inspiration in Lockdown

Quick Friday Thoughts!

We all know that lockdown sucks, and it's super hard to stay creative. So we had a little think about a few simple tips on how you can re-inspire yourself on these dark winter days!


Try to utilise the limitations that we are now all finding ourselves living within. Working within constraints will start to breed unique creative approaches. For example, can you look at your house through a different lens? Does light hit the rug in a beautiful way at a different time of day, or is your bedroom actually a great location at night when you’ve got that soft lighting going?


Another great tip is to experiment with different formulas when producing videos. Say for example, 60 second montage films with fast cuts are your default approach, next time challenge yourself by creating something slower with less shots. Don’t worry about the final outcome, just enjoy the process. 


99% of the time, gear isn’t the most important thing to worry about. However, hiring a specific piece of equipment can be a low-risk investment into exploring and testing new ideas.


Test Shoot

This quick test shoot was inspired by the Laowa 24mm probe lens as well as testing out the lowlight capability of the Panasonic S1H.

3 Creators who have been smashing it in Lockdown and have kept us going.